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Yofresh Yogurt Cafe

 Welcome To Yofresh Yogurt Cafe!

Yofresh Yogurt Cafe is an extraordinary health experience unlike any you have ever tasted. YoFresh is committed to providing you healthy and all natural frozen yogurts in a fast paced atmosphere. We are pleased to announce that our Grand Opening will be: Tuesday, September 25th!

 Flavors, Smoothies, & Toppings!

Yogurt Flavors are rotated depending on popularity, season, and whim. Our All Natural Frozen Yogurts contain  probiotics and live and active cultures. Also, turn your favorite flavor  into a delicious smoothie! An assortment of your favorite flavors so you don't have to fight your decision.

 Our In-Store Features and Specialties

Yofresh Yogurt Cafe (Lebanon,PA) also has a custom in-store menu with additional items. We are now offering, with the addition of out regular menu: Belgian Waffles, Yofresh Yogo Shooters for the children, Yogolicious Smoothies, along with out Double Dipper Rewards Punch Card.